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Locally hand blended perfumery brand FRANK AND LAZULI reveals meaning behind their brand name.

Coming up with a name was by far the hardest thing I faced. I had created all four signature scents but I still couldn't come up with the perfect name. (laughs)

I thought about the things that were important to me and that embodied my brand.

I sat with the words for a long time and finally some light bulb moments came to me.

Frankincense is my favourite essential oil and I use it every day. I had it jotted in my design journal along with many other names. I decided to look it up one day and was convinced it had to be apart of my name somehow. 

Frankincense represents some of the first introductions to the uses of natural perfumery. It was prized amongst by the ancient Egyptians who used it during religious and spiritual rituals and also used it as natural perfume. They burned frankincense incense at sunrise to honor the sun god Ra. I love that they used it to create rituals. It symbolises my brand ethos of creating our own self care rituals. 

I have always loved crystals for as long as I can remember. I had plenty of their names jotted down but Lapis Lazuli has always been one of my favourites and over the last few years, it's played a part in my healing journey alongside creating this brand. I felt like it had been along for the ride and I really wanted to incorporate it into the name too. Lapis Lazuli represents the throat chakra and its about "speaking your truth" which I felt was another reflection of my brand.

And so.... FRANK AND LAZULI was born! 

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