About Us

FRANK AND LAZULI is your go-to destination for artisanal natural perfumes. Our passion lies in crafting clean beauty products, specializing in natural perfume oils free from synthetic chemicals. We prioritize using certified organic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients, ensuring a pure and guilt-free indulgence for our customers.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our formulas. We make eco-conscious choices in our packaging, utilizing paper, cardboard, and recycled materials wherever possible. Our glass roller bottles and stainless steel rollers eliminate unnecessary plastic, while our packaging is entirely plastic and foam-free.

Founded by Allana on the picturesque Surf Coast of Victoria, our perfumery studio is a hub of creativity and passion. Each fragrance is meticulously crafted in small artisan batches, infused with pure botanical essences from Mother Earth. With the added touch of crystals and 24K gold, every perfume embodies love and intention.

Allana's inspiration for crafting a brand of wellness products and natural perfumes stemmed from a deep-seated desire to champion self-care among women from every corner of the world.

Driven by a love for clean aesthetics and a reverence for the natural world, her creative journey draws from a tapestry of influences— from the delicate allure of wildflowers to the opulent traditions of ancient pharaohs, and the timeless mystique of Greek mythical goddesses.

Enamored by the enchanting hues of the golden hour and the transformative power of crystals, Allana weaves these elements into her creations, infusing them with the healing essence of Mother Earth.

For her, it's not just about products; it's about fostering a profound connection with nature and empowering individuals to embrace the art of self-care as a sacred ritual.

Indulge your senses with our exquisite scents, each offering an intimate journey of deepening and blossoming over time. Experience the magic of natural perfumery with FRANK AND LAZULI, where every scent is a celebration of nature's beauty and the artistry of scent.


"When I discovered I was expecting my first child, I made the conscious decision to eliminate all fragrances from my life, knowing well the harmful impact they can have on hormonal balance. Following the birth of my daughter, I continued to steer clear of fragrances, but eventually, a longing to reconnect with my creative spirit led me to experiment with crafting my own scents. I found immense joy in this creative process.

And thus, the vision for FRANK AND LAZULI was born. My mission: to curate products sourced from natural origins, free from harmful chemicals, yet exquisitely luxurious. Through FRANK AND LAZULI, I endeavor to not only offer safe indulgence but also to shine a light on healthier alternatives, empowering others to make informed choices for themselves."  



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