I recently purchased BLUSH after smelling it on a friend wearing it & I absolutely love every part of this product, the business & its ethical standpoint. Allana is an amazing person who you can see pours her heart & soul into this product!

~ Kerstin




The beautiful bottles, with the gold leaf and crystals are like a work of art in themselves! I can not recommend FRANK AND LAZULI natural perfumes enough! I can't wait to purchase my next muse and complete the set!

~ Johanna


I bought FRANK AND LAZULI's BLUSH perfume and I love it! The smell is devine; I especially love the rose component to stand I feel so feminine when I wear it. The gold flakes inside are such a beautiful touch and so unique.

~ Shanti



I absolutely adore the the light alluring scents created by FRANK AND LAZULI. Allure and Nightfall are my current go to. They are divine! These perfume oils not only make me smell amazing, they remind me to stop, breath and reconnect with my body throughout the day, as one application is never enough! 

~ Carly


You can tell Allana is hardworking and dedicated to trying to make a difference in our world by encouraging us to assess what we put on our bodies. 

I love that they are all natural ingredients .. Do yourself and your body a favour and try them.

~ Debbie


Love, love, love these perfumes. I received mystic as a gift and I am in complete awe at not only how beautiful it looks, but also how beautiful it smells! These natural perfumes are absolutely divine and so luxurious! They glide on your skin, nourishing it with the most beautiful fragrance that lasts all day! 
~ Jo 

Thank you so much for your incredible gift. I am so obsessed with everything in the box! The packaging is by fr the best I have ever seen it was pure magic. I can't get enough of all of your natural perfumes and I'm so happy I found your business!

So grateful for you.

~ Amy